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Erodium cicutarium is a herbaceous annual (or biennial in warm climates) belonging to the family Geraniaceae. Its stems are reddish and bear bright pink flowers, often with dark spots at the bases. The leaves are pinnate to pinnate-pinnatifid and have hairy stems.

But here’s the fascinating part: the long seed-pod of E. cicutarium is shaped like the bill of a stork! When ripe, it bursts open in a spiral, releasing seeds with long tails called awns into the air. Imagine tiny stork bills launching seeds! 🦆🌿

Storks Bill has several benefits:
- Soil Stabilization: Its deep roots help prevent soil erosion, especially on slopes and disturbed areas.
- Wildlife Habitat: The flowers attract pollinators like bees and butterflies.
- Low Maintenance: E. cicutarium thrives in dry conditions and doesn’t demand much care.
Naturalized Beauty: It adds a touch of wild beauty to landscapes.

Being naturalized in arid regions, it can withstand New Zealand’s diverse climates. So, if you’re looking for a hardy, stork-billed plant that contributes to ecosystem health, consider planting Erodium cicutarium!

Storks Bill | Erodium cicutarium

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