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Have you got erosion prone land or want to restore native bush?

Get up to 70% off plants, planting and more!

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Welcome to Te Arai Native Nursery

Your destination for high-quality native flora. We are committed to promoting the conservation and restoration of Aotearoa New Zealand's unique ecosystem through our selection of healthy and hardy plants.

With our expert advice and sustainable practices, we're dedicated to benefiting both the environment and local communities.

Te Arai Native Nursery is dedicated to adding natural beauty and preserving New Zealand’s biodiversity by producing native plants that thrive in their natural habitats.


All our plants are eco-sourced from various districts within Northland, ensuring their adaptation and success in their new environment. 


Our extensive collection of wetland, bird and bee friendly, coastal, erosion, forest, hedging and low growing plants, is perfectly suited to your needs. 

NZ Native Plant Nursery