Te Arai Native Nursery

Proudly founded by Te Uri o Hau

Te Arai Native Nursery is located in Te Arai, Mangawhai, and is a Northland-based wholesale plant supplier specialising in native species. We provide wholesale plant supply for both restoration/conservation and the wider landscaping industry within New Zealand. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is a daily priority. This attitude, together with the ability to adapt an everchanging market has cemented Te Arai Native Nursery's position in the horticultural industry.

Our Story

Te Arai Native Nursery is owned by Te Uri o Hau (TUOH) and was established in 2016 with the goal of driving social, economic, and environmental outcomes for Te Uri o Hau and rural community development for the region – including, employment opportunities and biodiversity and ecosystem improvement. 
Te Uri o Hau is a hapū (subtribe) of the Ngāti Whātua Iwi (tribe) and is located in the North Island boarded by the Mangawhai and Kaipara Harbours. Te Uri o Hau is represented by more than 8000 beneficiaries, who are the tangata whenua and kaitiaki of natural resources within their rohe (the tribal statutory area) of Te Uri o Hau.
The nursery has been part of TUOH’s Project Mahuhu which aims to restore the Kaipara Harbour through sustainable riparian planting, thereby minimizing and/or preventing silt flowing from streams and rivers into the harbour. The nursery has distributed around two million plants to over 200 individuals and organisations for conservation planting, principally within the catchments of the Kaipara Harbour.

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Te Uri o Hau Settlement Trust

The Crown acknowledged that Te Uri o Hau has suffered injustices which impaired Te Uri o Hau economic, social and cultural development. On 17 October 2002 the Historical Claims of Te Uri o Hau were settled by way of the Te Uri o Hau Claims Settlement Act 2002.

The mandated negotiators envisaged that the settlement would enable Te Uri o Hau to begin a 25 year development plan to enable Te Uri o Hau people to move away from historical grievances and towards obtaining socio-economic parity with the general population.


Having received the cultural and commercial redress properties Te Uri o Hau Settlement Trust set up a unique structure to achieve its objective in ‘having self reliance within it’s rohe and achieving parity with the rest of New Zealand for the next generations’.


What's Happening

There are lots of things coming up and we want to see you there. From practical workshops, funding opportunities for your projects, community field days and more, our team is always ready to showcase what we have.

Te Arai Native Nursery is proud to have completed Phase 2 of a 5 year planting plan within the Te Arai Regional Park with Auckland Council. The team completed planting 50,000 natives of a wide variety back in to the whenua restoring mana back in to the land.

Te Arai Streamside Planting