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Soft Twig Rush | Machaerina rubignosa is native to Asia and the Pacific, thriving in swampy areas throughout Aotearoa. Plant Description: It’s a robust, grass-like sedge with rhizomatous and perennial qualities, growing up to 4 meters in height.


It prefers full sun, ample moisture, and plenty of space, and can grow in nutrient-poor soils in water up to 50 centimeters deep. Ideal for the revegetation of wetlands due to its vigorous creeping nature and ability to form thick clumps.


These features make Machaerina rubignosa a valuable plant for ecological restoration and landscaping in wetland environments. Its tall, rush-like leaves and reddish-brown flowering spikelets add a unique texture and color to aquatic settings.

Soft Twig Rush | Machaerina rubignosa

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