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The Taupata, also known as Mirror-plant or Coprosma repens, is a popular native plant found in coastal forests and seaside rocks. This low-growing shrub or small tree is characterized by its shiny, dark green leaves that are borne in pairs.


Taupata is a versatile plant that can be used as a hedge, ground cover, or container plant. With its glossy foliage and tolerance to coastal conditions, it is an excellent choice for coastal gardens and landscapes. At our native plant nursery, we offer high-quality Taupata plants that are ready to thrive in your garden.


Common low-growing shrub or small tree bearing pairs of green very shiny dark green leaves inhabiting the edge of coastal forests and seaside rocks.


Grades:  1L (12 plants per tray)



Taupata | Mirror-plant | Coprosma repens

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