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Phormium cookianum is a perennial plant native to New Zealand. It’s part of the Phormium genus, which includes other flax species like P. tenax (harakeke).


This smaller-growing species of native flax features attractive, gracefully drooping long bright green leaves. Its elegant form makes it a popular choice for landscaping.


Mountain Flax is an all-purpose plant that thrives in various conditions. Whether it’s wet or dry, sunny or shady, exposed or sheltered, this adaptable flax can handle it. Plus, it requires minimal maintenance.

The plant serves as a fantastic food source for native birds. Its nectar-rich flowers attract avian visitors, contributing to local ecosystems.

When fully grown, Phormium cookianum reaches a height of approximately 1 meter (3.3 feet) and a width of about the same.

Wharariki | Mountain Flax | Phormium cookianum

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