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The Ti Kouka, also known as the Cabbage tree or Cordyline australis, is a common palm-like tree that thrives in New Zealand's native forests. It has bushy sprays of small white flowers that bloom in the summer months, making it a beautiful addition to any garden or landscape.


This tree is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also serves a practical purpose by being great for reforesting and stabilising riparian banks. Its hardy nature and adaptability make it a popular choice for those looking to incorporate native flora into their environment.


Common palm-like tree with bushy sprays of small white flowers. Great for reforesting and stabilising riparian banks.


Grade 0.5L (28 plants per tray)

Ti Kouka | Cabbage tree | Cordyline australis

  • Year: 2022

    Tray Size: x28

    Grade: 0.5L

    Eco-District Availability: Rodney | Kaipara

    Preferable Application: Dryland | Upper Bank

  • Click & Collect is free of charge, await for collection details once order has been made.


    Delivery is at a flat rate of $1.50/km. Please ring 09-945-0212 prior to making an order, and discuss with our team on how we can help. 

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