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Putaputawētā, commonly referred to as the marbleleaf or New Zealand marble-leaf, is a diminutive tree or shrub indigenous to the captivating landscapes of New Zealand. This species gracefully ascends to heights of 4-6 meters, adding a touch of elegance to the native flora.


The leaves of Putaputawētā are a botanical spectacle, characterized by their broad and oval shape. The upper leaf surface boasts a striking glossy, dark green hue, while the underside contrasts with a delicate pale shade. This distinctive foliage not only contributes to the aesthetic allure of the species but also serves as a key identifier.


Embraced by the unique ecosystems of New Zealand, Putaputawētā stands as a testament to the biodiversity and natural splendor of this island nation.


Grade: 0.5L (28 plants per tray)



Putaputāwētā | Marble leaf | Carpodetus serratus

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