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The Kauri, also known as Agathis australis, is a magnificent tree that can live for thousands of years. Its slow growth rate makes it a unique addition to any landscape design, and its towering presence is sure to impress.


Kauri trees prefer moist soil and thrive when planted in groups, creating a stunning natural display. As a native plant, the Kauri is an important part of New Zealand's ecosystem, and its conservation is paramount to preserving our natural heritage.


Kauri are amongst our longest living trees, their slow growth makes it special in landscape design. Prefers moist soil and being planted in groups. 


*5L in individual pot pictured first.


Kauri | Agathis australis

PriceFrom $45.00
  • Eco-District Availability: Rodney 

    Preferable Application: Dryland | Upper Bank

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