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The Kahikatea, also known as Dacrycarpus dacrydioides, is a towering native tree that can reach up to 60 meters in height. It boasts a long lifespan of over 600 years, making it a true icon of New Zealand's natural heritage.


This species thrives in wetland environments and serves as a vital food source for numerous native birds. Its stunning form and ecological significance make it a must-have for any native plant garden or restoration project.


Kahikatea is New Zealand’s tallest tree growing up to 60m tall and has a life span of over 600yrs. Prefers wetland environments. Is an excellent source of food for many native birds.


Grade: 1L (12 plants per tray)

Kahikatea | Dacrycarpus dacrydioides

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    Delivery is at a flat rate of $1.50/km. Please ring 09-945-0212 prior to making an order, and discuss with our team on how we can help. 

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