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About Us

Our mission at Te Arai Native Nursery is to promote the conservation and restoration of New Zealand's native flora, while also fostering people’s development and creating employment opportunities. 


We are dedicated to providing high-quality native plants, expert advice, and educational resources to our customers, while also supporting our employees and their professional growth. 


We are committed to sustainable and ethical practices, using locally sourced materials and minimising our environmental impact. Through our work, we aim to enhance biodiversity and protect the natural beauty of our land, all while contributing positively to the communities we serve.

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Te Arai Native Nursery was originally established as a Charitable Trust by Te Uri o Hau Settlement Trust in 2017.


The Settlement Trust was created following acknowledgement by The Crown that Te Uri o Hau iwi had suffered injustices which impaired their economic, social and cultural development.  


On 17 October 2002, the historical claims of Te Uri o Hau were settled by way of the Settlement Act. Te Arai Native Nursery was one of many initiatives established by the Trust to assist Te Uri o Hau iwi achieve self-reliance and socio-economic parity.  


The Nursery’s original role was to distribute free plants for conservation planting to individuals and organisations, principally within the catchments of Kaipara Harbour.


Over the years, Te Arai Native Nursery has become a very successful operation and has changed its operating model to become a commercial entity under the Te Uri o Hau Settlement Trust’s commercial arm - the Renaissance Group.  

The aim of this move was to ensure the Nursery’s ongoing sustainability so that it can continue to provide employment opportunities for whanau and locals, as well as benefit the local environment. 

As a commercial entity, we are focused on the wholesale supply of plants and are able to assist customers with Grow to Order services.

As well as wholesale supply, we offer delivery, planting and maintenance services so ensure your natives grow and thrive for years to come.

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